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Future of Hispanic Consumers in the United States

Growth Over the past few decades, the Hispanic population in the United States has grown rapidly and is at 60 million which is greater than the populations of each Spain, Canada, and Australia. Currently, ethnically diverse segments are driving population growth in the United States. This minority group is so large that the Hispanic consumer […]

Electric Vehicles and Disparity among the BIPOC communities

Over the past couple of years, electric vehicles (EVs) have grown substantially in popularity. However, these electric vehicles have been far more popular among the white community compared to the black and Hispanic/Latino communities. In fact, black and Hispanic consumers make up 41% of gasoline vehicle purchases in the U.S., but only 12% of EV […]

What we learned from Cinco de Mayo

May, 6 was a slow morning for many, as people all over the United States attempted to recover from the festivities of the day before. But not just Mexican-Americans celebrate Cinco De Mayo in the U.S., Hispanics, African Americans, and White Americans all appreciate the traditions from our Southern neighbor. But where do these traditions […]

Millennials – Gain their trust, earn their spending

We already know that Millennials, or “Gen Y,” are tech savvy, connected, self-centered but, socially-conscious, and educated. And they love to spend. This makes a lot of sense, given that they grew up during one of the most prosperous and stable economic periods in American history. This makes them resilient and optimistic about their futures. […]

Diversity In The Workforce Increases Consumer Reach

Once seen as an idea of the future, diversity in the workplace is now the popular method of employment companies are implementing to sustain business for the future. The reason is because this provides a rich mix of employees to capture a snapshot of different markets and therefore build trust and a further connection with consumers. Brands that make […]

Consumers & Brands split regarding Trump’s contradictory statements

All brands are developed from various touch points within a company. Everything from a logo, design, communication, website, product, customer service, and then more, creates an emotion within each consumer that allows them to perceive that brand in a specific way. If the consumer reaches a point where they like and feel comfortable enough to […]

Multicultural Expansion in the U.S.

As we continue to focus on reaching multicultural consumers, in particularly Hispanics, we are thrilled when we find reliable market research data worthy of sharing, and beneficial for our readers. We recently attended MultiCultural Retail 360 event in CA, we learned several key statistics from Nielsen’s The Multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers report. It’s no surprise that […]

Recognizing Hispanic Heritage all year round!

Hispanic Heritage is celebrated each year between the dates of September 15 to October 15.  During this time people recognize the contribution of American citizens whose ancestors came from different Hispanic Heritage from around the world. Although this holiday only last a month here in the U.S., we need to continue raising awareness and recognizing […]

Why We Love Consumer Research…And You Should, Too!

Consumers are the backbone of many businesses in the U.S. and they account for approximately 70 percent of the national economy. For the third quarter of 2015, consumer spending in the United States increased to 11268.60 USD Billion from 11178.90 USD Billion in the second quarter of 2015.  Without gathering data and having a better […]

Is The Merry Christmas vs Happy Holiday Debate Over?

Five years ago, the stories about a ‘War on Christmas’ seemed to appear on every news outlet. The intensity of this conversation has since died down. However, the debate is still alive. When conducting market research, brands continue to find themselves in the middle of this chaos, trying to find the right solution to appease […]