ConneXion Research

Customer Experience
Case Study


For over six decades, a beloved sandwich restaurant has served as a cornerstone of its community, delighting customers with its signature offerings. Recently, the brand experienced a surge in sales as its sandwiches gained popularity in local grocery stores. Recognizing the opportunity to further leverage this thriving sales channel, the restaurant sought to gain a deeper understanding of the customers purchasing their sandwiches at these retail outlets.

Initial Findings

To unravel the demographics and motivations behind sandwich purchases in grocery stores, the restaurant implemented a comprehensive survey accompanying sandwich sales. Through this initiative, valuable insights were gleaned regarding the demographic profiles, purchase motivations and influencers, and timing/meal preferences of customers. This data allowed for the creation of distinct customer profiles and a hierarchical understanding of consumer preferences.

Actionable Insights

Armed with a nuanced understanding of their grocery store customers, the sandwich restaurant was poised to refine its marketing strategies, messaging tactics, and product offerings. By tailoring marketing campaigns to resonate with specific customer segments and aligning product development with identified preferences, the restaurant aimed to enhance its competitive edge in the retail space.


The actionable insights derived from the survey initiative enabled the sandwich restaurant to capitalize on the burgeoning sales channel with precision and efficiency. By leveraging a targeted approach to marketing and product development, the brand experienced sustained growth in grocery store sales while simultaneously optimizing operational efficiencies to improve profit margins. This strategic alignment not only bolstered the brand’s presence in the retail landscape but also reinforced its legacy of delivering exceptional sandwiches to customers, wherever they may be.