ConneXion Research

Brand Positioning and Rebranding
Case Study


A prominent hospital system embarked on a journey to redefine its brand positioning to reflect its comprehensive healthcare offerings and community-centric approach. Despite its extensive range of services, the hospital had been predominantly perceived as a research-focused institution, overlooking its broader role in catering to diverse healthcare needs within the community.

Initial Findings

Upon evaluation, it became evident that the hospital’s existing mission and vision statements required refinement to better resonate with patients and align with the organization’s multifaceted healthcare services. Feedback from both existing patients and non-patients highlighted disconnects between the language used in these statements and the expectations and values of the target audience.

Actionable Insights

In response to the feedback, the hospital system undertook a thorough revision process to realign its mission and vision statements. By incorporating inclusive language and emphasizing their commitment to comprehensive care delivery, the revised statements effectively addressed the concerns raised by stakeholders. This strategic initiative not only garnered internal stakeholder buy-in but also resonated with current patients and attracted prospective ones.


The hospital’s successful rebranding efforts extended beyond mere statement revisions, permeating various aspects of its operations. From marketing campaigns to business development strategies and customer experience initiatives, the revamped brand identity enabled the hospital to reinforce its position as a leading healthcare provider dedicated to serving the diverse needs of its surrounding communities.