ConneXion Research

Brand Differentiation and Product Offering
Case Study


In a deregulated electricity market characterized by fierce competition, a leading electricity provider with multiple major brands faced the daunting task of differentiating its offerings amidst a landscape where selling electricity lacked inherent allure. To maintain relevance and stand out in the crowded marketplace, the company sought to identify innovative product offerings that could complement its electricity plans and resonate with customers on a deeper level.

Initial Findings

In pursuit of actionable insights, the company conducted an extensive survey involving a diverse sample of 1,000 respondents. This comprehensive study enabled thorough testing of various product concepts designed to enhance electricity plan offerings. Through rigorous analysis, the research team gained valuable insights into consumer preferences, allowing for the identification of products that synergized effectively with electricity services.

Actionable Insights

Armed with insights gleaned from the quantitative study, the client was empowered to prioritize and refine product concepts based on key metrics such as likeability, perceived value addition to customers’ lifestyles, purchase intent, and uniqueness. This strategic approach enabled the marketing team to allocate resources judiciously, focusing efforts on developing and implementing concepts with the highest potential for resonating with target audiences.


The implementation of new product offerings intricately tied to electricity plans marked a significant milestone for the company’s brand differentiation strategy. By aligning product development initiatives with customer preferences and market trends, the company successfully carved out a distinctive identity for its various brands in a competitive landscape. These innovative offerings not only added tangible value to electricity services but also served as compelling differentiators, positioning the company as a forward-thinking leader capable of meeting evolving consumer needs.