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Healthcare Education
Case Study


March of Dimes, a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of mothers and babies, recognized a pressing issue within its mission – the disparity in healthcare access and education among underrepresented demographic groups, particularly within BIPOC communities. Despite its overarching goal of supporting all moms and babies, March of Dimes acknowledged the need to address this gap by revamping its educational materials to ensure inclusivity and representation.

Initial Findings

Through comprehensive interviews with healthcare professionals serving BIPOC communities and mothers within these demographics, including both first-time and experienced mothers, March of Dimes gained invaluable insights into the specific informational needs and priorities of these individuals. The feedback highlighted critical areas where existing educational materials fell short in adequately addressing the concerns and experiences of BIPOC mothers.

Actionable Insights

Armed with these insights, March of Dimes embarked on the development of an educational booklet tailored to the needs of BIPOC communities. This new resource was meticulously crafted to be not only relevant but also culturally representative and inclusive, employing language and visuals that resonated with its target audience. Emphasis was placed on ensuring the content was easily comprehensible, navigable, and shareable, thereby empowering mothers and caregivers with vital information.


The launch of the inclusive educational booklet marked a pivotal moment in March of Dimes’ efforts to bridge the gap in maternal and infant health education. Serving as a comprehensive guide for mothers nationwide, the resource not only provided valuable information but also served as a catalyst for broader educational initiatives. These initiatives, including seminars, workshops, and video communications, were strategically designed to engage and empower BIPOC communities, fostering greater awareness and understanding of maternal and infant health issues. Through these concerted efforts, March of Dimes took significant strides towards fulfilling its mission of supporting the health and well-being of all mothers and babies, regardless of background or ethnicity.