Key Benefits of Video Streaming Focus Groups

There are several great reasons to live stream your next focus group. Let’s start by defining what we mean when we say “live video streaming” for market research focus groups and the advantages it provides your marketing team.

For obvious reasons, focus groups are a popular qualitative research technique because they can provide real-time consumer feedback on things that matter to brands. When we refer to a “live stream,” we’re talking about real-time video streaming to a remote location as a moderator conducts the focus group at a market research facility or other venue. While real-time video streaming actually has a slight time delay that ranges from nearly zero to ten seconds, the benefits are immediate.

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How Moderators Use Their Listening Skills To Improve Their Market Research Focus Groups

For almost 20 years, Maricel Dominguez-Watson, owner and CEO of ConneXion Research has conducted hundreds of market research focus groups with people of all ages and backgrounds. Topics have ranged from consumer goods and services, to retail and finances, and more. Whether she’s talked to them about home buying or purchasing a new brand of yogurt, for instance, the one thing that is most critical for success for each market research topic is listening.

In her experience, mastering the art of listening can help you become a good leader, discover new opportunities, and become even more knowledgeable. People often confuse hearing with listening. However, there is a distinct difference between the two.

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