Q4 and 2021 Planning

57% of Companies Experiencing Financial Growth are Talking to their Consumers

Organizations experiencing financial growth during the pandemic are more likely to be using market research to inform all or most of their decisions.

Credit: Greenbook – Surviving 2020: How a New Approach to Market Research Can Help Companies Adapt

Q4 is here! As we wrap up the year, we are here to help you make the best decisions possible.
Clients are still hesitant about conducting research but several research studies have proven two things.

1. Consumers are ready to be engaged in research studies. They want to voice their opinions more than ever. The pandemic has caused their consumer behaviors to change and they need to know that companies are listening.

2. The statistic above shows that companies who are involving research for all or most of their decisions are experiencing financial growth. Companies can no longer make assumptions of what their customers want now or would want next. Given the pandemic, behaviors have changed and this is impacting business decisions.

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