We use innovative methodologies and solutions that nurture openness, engagement, and deeper insights.


The Idea that Ignites ConneXion Research

Maricel Dominguez-Watson, the daughter of an immigrant family, and the first family member to graduate from college, is living her American dream by starting her own company. While working for a major Hispanic agency, Lopez Negrete Communications, she realizes that many research firms don’t really “know” the Hispanic consumer. ConneXion Research is then born out of necessity. A need to find a way to truly reach and connect with Hispanic consumers.


We Build and Grow Relationships

Through numerous efforts we build on the importance of “relationships” in the Hispanic culture, and thus networks are built across the country to connect clients not only with real Hispanic consumers but also with General Market and other ethnic groups.


We Aim for Divergence

ConneXion Research begins to explore different methodologies in research, including those that involve technology and social media. Clients approach ConneXion for their ability to think creatively, from finding ways to identify and communicate to the right target audience, to developing creative ways to increase engagement in a study, to combining methodologies that together give a more complete picture.


A Physical Space is Born

ConneXion opens their first boutique, non-traditional facility in Houston. The goal is to break from traditional, unaesthetically pleasing facilities to one that is modern and promotes openness, creativity and engagement. No more is a facility an “interrogation style” room set up but one that promotes expression and results in insightful opinions.


Going Beyond the Word “Research”

ConneXion is more than just Research. We value the importance of research and its foundation to successful marketing strategies, and with a talented team in place –experienced in marketing, advertising and business development- ConneXion goes the extra mile! We provide clients with marketing and business implications and recommendations, strategic plans to meet short-term and long term objectives, and ways to continue building the brand in a digital space with increasingly greater attention-deficit consumers.


Looking into the Future

With Millennials increasing in numbers, we understand that "the now" is important but "the tomorrow" is even more important. ConneXion has coined the term, Experiential Research, as a way to explain how to unite both Marketing and Research in one platform to meet common goals, and in particular, how to engage with Millennials. We have also added futures research and foresight services to help our clients broaden their horizons and explore possible futures for their businesses. This lets them innovate and go beyond typical short-term, business as usual strategies.