ConneXion Research

New Service
Case Study


An established energy company desired to create a new subsidiary company focused on prepaid energy. Prepaid energy is primarily offered to customers with credit challenges. The goal of this subsidiary company was not only to acquire a different set of customers but at the same time make sure this product didn’t convey negative connotations, and thus negatively impacted their core brand.


The company had already created an initial website that required testing before launching. We discussed all objectives in detail and took it a step further to understand all business implications. In addition, we further analyzed who is the prepaid customer beyond the credit challenges. We designed a methodology with focus groups in various markets to test the prepaid energy service idea as a whole, then specific variations of prepaid energy offerings, concepts for the websites and logos, and finally ways to turn negatives into positives.


Participants provided us with important insights as to who they really are as customers, their expectations and how they can also be treated as valuable customers. This helped not only with the full development of the website but also the messaging, branding, marketing and sales strategies.