Ariana Miyamoto is the first bi-racial woman to be crowned Miss Japan. Miyamoto is the daughter of an African-American father and a Japanese mother. Years ago this was unheard of, especially in Japanese culture where marrying outside of the culture meant you risked being literally erased from the family tree.

We see the world changing around us, consumers are no longer defined as black and white, pun intended.  It is now a world of multi-races, multi-ethnics and as it is popularly called - multicultural.

ConneXion Research works tirelessly to connect clients with this changing face in consumers.  Our team of consultants are representative of various generations, ethnicities and even various Hispanic acculturations.

Cultural Immersion

It is one thing to read about a culture, but it is a completely different thing to actually live it. ConneXion develops cultural immersion projects for clients wanting to have a deeper understanding and connection with a particular culture or ethnic group. We design custom research projects that combine cultural activities in one or more markets. Clients have an opportunity to immerse in the culture while being in the US, and gain both education and insights. This type of immersion helps clients think outside the box, get their creative juices flowing and gain a more insightful understanding of what strategies truly make sense and can be executed.

Diversity Consulting

Nowadays a company that embraces diversity internally has a significant advantage over those who don’t. Companies are realizing that having a diverse group of individuals that embrace various backgrounds, ethnicities, races and cultures keeps them in touch with today’s consumer. ConneXion conducts diversity consultation to help companies embrace the diversity their employees bring to the table. Our consulting includes seminars, employee focus groups and activities, and even train Diversity Ambassadors that can help to continuously implement ideas, and also represent companies in diversity efforts.