Snow skiing in the Alps, an activity that as open and broad as it is, ironically is portrayed as being exclusive. It is exclusive for those who can afford the special gear, the right clothing and many times this translates into white, mid to upper class. With a growing multicultural population, and that segment representing a significant part of Millennials, who hold a high value for experiences, how do we help them feel that they too can be part of this great outdoors experience and are more than welcome? This client needed to determine the right message to attract this multicultural population into their stores and develop the right product offerings so they too can partake in these activities.


Talking to Millennials is definitely a start. They are more than willing to voice their opinions, and have a strong desire to be heard. We conducted several focus groups to make sure we heard what they had to say. But, that wasn’t enough. Why not explore their opinions in the one venue that has started this conversation? Outdoor snow skiing. We took Hispanics, Caucasians and African-Americans to a snow skiing resort. We explored their reactions, the stereotypes and barriers surrounding these groups in relation to snow skiing, and formed a realistic picture of what truly makes this sport inclusive.


Allowing Millennials to truly “experience” this sport, provided visual insights that will serve as Marketing campaigns. These campaigns are being developed with “real” images, expressions and moments that would connect these Millennials with this no longer exclusive sport.