ConneXion Research

Customer Communication
Case Study


A large energy company with an innovative solar energy solution needed to set up an entirely new digital communications process to keep customers engaged and decrease turnover. Many of these customers were signing up months before this new energy service for their homes would be made available. It was important to make sure they knew the company was working relentlessly to get this new energy service up and running, and to educate them on all of the steps required.


Before deciding on the type of message, lay out, use of imagery, etc., we conducted a brief survey with a market sample that was representative of the current customer base. This allowed us to have a foundation in place and thus the right approach to the content and style of the communications. We then developed a one-pager step by step explanation of the process with icons that darkened as each step had been accomplished and also setting reasonable expectations for the steps to follow. Individual email communications were created and tailored for each step, in addition to sending strategically timed e-newsletters relevant to their specific customer area.


Customers were calling less to find out what was happening with this new energy service and began to engage with the communications being sent. This not only helped decrease calls into the call center but also helped decrease turnover. Moreover, there was now a process in place as new customers signed up, and overall, one that could be tracked and measured.