ConneXion Research

Cross Cultural
Case Study


Popular yogurt in the Hispanic market wanted to expand its market potential by reaching out to General Market consumers who could appreciate traditional flavors (i.e. vanilla and strawberry) and the desire to explore newer or more Latin Flavors (i.e. guava and guanabana – soursop). The challenges were not only about acquiring this new audience but also making sure it stayed true to its brand and core consumers.


We tested package designs by individual elements (i.e. brand, colors, pictures, etc.) and then with the complete package design. This allowed us to evaluate first the impact and reactions to the key elements of the design and then better understand how well these elements worked together once in the complete package design. Finally, we conducted an actual taste test not only for flavor likeability but to also discover how well it matched up to the expectations created by the design.


This yogurt now lives in both spaces, no longer limited to a particular ethnicity or race. The final package design continued to appeal to what Hispanics have known for years while attracting new consumers. The final package design contained the essential key elements that kept the yogurt true to its brand, and the overall design appealed to common denominators among all types of consumers.