Ariana Miyamoto is the first bi-racial woman to be crowned Miss Japan. Miyamoto is the daughter of an African-American father and a Japanese mother. Years ago this was unheard of, especially in Japanese culture where marrying outside of the culture meant you risked being literally erased from the family tree.

We see the world changing around us, consumers are no longer defined as black and white, pun intended.  It is now a world of multi-races, multi-ethnics and as it is popularly called - multicultural.

ConneXion Research works tirelessly to connect clients with this changing face in consumers.  We are building a multicultural online panel that encourages continuous engagement and insights.  The goal is for clients to be able to quickly test and even promote ideas, products and services.  This is one more effort to take research to the next level! Not only can this panel be used to conduct market research but also to get consumers more involved in how they impact the growth of the brand.